More and more emphasis is now being placed on Georgia grown produce as a way of providing nutricious products while minimizing waste from raw materials that are not received or used in a timely manner.  By integrating several different agri-businesses, product will be able to move to the consumer in a more effective way.

Food Service Partners of Georgia

For over twenty years, Food Service Partners [FSP] has been designing, building and operating central production kitchens for the healthcare industry. Food Service Partners, with its award-winning Chef Jay Brinkley is excited to announce the company’s commitment to and involvement in the new Georgia Agribusiness Development Center. They are the anchor tenant for the former Parham kitchen: a 144,000 square foot kitchen and distribution facility. FSP anticipates hiring needs of 450 new employees in the next 5 years.

The FSP production kitchen in Brooklyn produces 19,000 meals a day for hospitals in the New York City area. The FSP California operations produce and deliver meals for over twenty medical centers and healthcare facilities in the Bay Area and beyond.

Agricultural Logistics of Georgia

Providing transportation and logistics support for Food Service Partners.