While Renaissance Park is primarily focusing on manufacturing and services of multiple types, it is also recognized that our community also has educational needs.  These can take many different forms and be addressed in different ways.

Georgia’s Old Capital Heritage Center at The Depot

The Heritage Center is an integral part of the City of Milledgeville, Baldwin County and State of Georgia’s commitment to preserving Georgia’s rich history that dates back to 10,000 BC. Since its founding in 2004, the mission of Georgia’s Old Capital Heritage Center is to identify, interpret, preserve, and communicate the historic, artistic and cultural heritage of Milledgeville, Baldwin County, and the Oconee River basin through its museums and educational programs.

GMC Event Center

The center is typical of a 1960’s facility used for multiple indoor sports, such as basketball and volley ball.  Stands on each side of the court will seat several hundred spectators.  It is also used for GMC graduations, dinners, and entertainment events.  GMC makes it available to the public for a nominal charge.

GMC Residential Cottages

Three cottages on Broad Street are owned and managed by Georgia Military College.  These cottages house a combination of coaches, college students, and athletes.