In the past there have been few opportunities for small groups or individuals to have a location and the facilities to try to develop a creative idea that they feel is marketable.  Because of the variety of facilities Renaissance Park has to offer, these individuals  and groups have a chance to develop their ideas without significant financial exposure.

Tent-Sational Events

Tent-Sational is a locally owned and operated rental business that was started in 2001 by a local entrepreneur. Following a change in ownership in 2015, the business has continued to grow into a very successful enterprise.  The business specializes in providing tents, tables, chairs, lighting, linens, and decorations for a variety of events in the Central Georgia area.


Antebellum provides custom garage door design, installation, and service in Milledgeville, Georgia. Also, they design and install custom screened enclosures so that you can enjoy spring afternoons, rainy days, and cool nights in a rain and bug protected area. 

Spire Electrical

Spire Electric is a specialty electrical services firm that concentrates on commercial applications throughout Georgia, Alabama and
Florida. In particular larger electrical motors and generators are installed, serviced and rebuilt when necessary.  

ATD Auto Services

ATD Services specializes in general auto repair and service. Basic services to large automotive repair jobs are available on site.

Clear Choice Exteriors

Clear Choice Exteriors of Middle GA offers a wide variety of top-quality replacement windows at affordable prices. Even as a locally owned and operated company, we still possess the national buying power to offer ultra-efficient Triple Pane windows at Dual Pane prices. Not only can Triple Pane windows help cut the cost of heating and cooling bills, but they can also add value to your home, boost its curb appeal, prevent interior condensation, and block outdoor noise.