No, CSH down sized to realine functions to a smaller footprint. CSH footprint includes 9 buildings, 65 acres, all based on Georgia Behavioral Health and Development Disability.

No, the buildings on the CSH campus are not open. The public is welcome to visit the campus and photo exterior of buildings and other landmarks as long as they adhere to the posted warnings and requirements.

CSHLRA purpose is to revitalize and repurpose the 2,000 acre Campus of the CSH by bringing life back to the campus through an array of economic development. To date we have generated over $44 million of value to the community and have produced 450 new jobs at the end of year 2016.

For information regarding the Museum please contact Amy Wright, Museum Manager at (478) 453-1803.

No, CSHLRA’s purpose is to find a new use and develop the campus.